AI Sudoku Solver

This app helps you solve hard Sudoku easily. This is fast, accurate, easy to use and very simple

With power of Artificial Intelligence - DeepLearning, your Sudoku in paper, screen or on mobile game could be scan and solve in one second


Artificial Intelligence helps people think and solves hard Sudoku in an easy way. You only need to scan your Sudoku or upload screenshot photo, then this app will show you all Sudoku results

Artificial Intelligence

Powerful by Artificial Intelligence and DeepLearning

Scan to solve

Input your Sudoku by your camera, no need input by hand

Upload your photo

Screenshot another app then upload that photo for this app to solve

Solve very fast

Solve thousands of Sudoku in one second

Find all results

One Sudoku could have more than one result, this app show you all of them

Show incorrect number

Check your incomplete Sudoku and show which number is wrong


If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know